Dr. Laurie Mattera
believes that everyone can become a Joyful Soul in each important aspect of their life.
These important areas of focus (AOFs) can then be integrated to obtain a balanced and enjoyable way of life. Make an appointment for a telephone coaching session with Dr. Mattera today, and begin living a life of joy.
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Would you like to experience more  joy in your daily life? Many people feel overwhelmed, stressed, and generally unhappy.

If you feel this way, you are in the right place. You can change what is not working in your life for the better.

Bring Joy and Balance to your life now!

Dr. Mattera specializes in helping people cope with the problems of daily living, so they can find contentment and peace in life. She can help you:

 heart_bulletEnhance your spiritual core

heart_bulletImprove your intimate relationship

heart_bulletEnrich relationships with family, friends, & co-workers

heart_bulletStrengthen your emotional well-being

heart_bulletBegin to live a healthy lifestyle

heart_bulletFind a career that is the best fit for you

heart_bulletGet organized

heart_bulletDe-stress and relax

Dr. Mattera:  I really appreciated going over everything with you a couple weeks ago. I am beginning to understand myself more. I honestly believe it will still take time for all of it to sink in.  However, I am feeling pretty confident about things now. Again, I really appreciate the time and effort you put into working with me. I will definitely contact you when other questions pop up. Thanks again!
From A Former Client