Dr. Laurie Mattera

Many people feel overwhelmed, stressed, and generally unhappy at times.

If you feel this way, you are in the right place. We can work together to change what is not working in your life and enhance the things that are working well.  

Bring Joy and Balance to your life now!

Professional and Experienced

Dr. Laurie Mattera

Dr. Mattera has been counseling diverse populations in multiple settings since 1998. Her Ph.D in Counseling Psychology is from Loyola University Chicago. She has successfully worked with individuals, couples, and families assisting them with the problems of daily living while equipping them to develop their strengths, abilities and competencies.

M.Ed in Community Counseling

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Consultant and CEO of Joyful Soul, LLC


It's time to get healthy

Mental Health Counseling
Physical well-being

Taking care of your emotional and physical health is crucial to achieving a balanced and joyful existence. When you take care of yourself and are healthy, you are more productive in each important area of your life. I can help you find a sense of well-being, balance., and joy in your life.

Improve Relationships
Heal, learn, and Grow

Whether you want to improve your intimate relationship, relationships with close friends and family members, or relationships with employers, co-workers and others, I can help you get there.

Career Consulting

We are here for a purpose, and our education and career path can help us to fulfill that destiny. A Joyful Soul understands that we are more than the work we do in life. Still, we all yearn to tap into that intuitive feeling deep inside that allows us to grow and improve through our life’s work. I've helped many clients determine their life's path. I can help you, too.

Enhance Spirituality

A spiritual center is the starting point for success and joy in every other area of your life. Your relationship with your intimate partner, your relationships with family and friends, your life's work, and your emotional health all spring from and depend upon a strong spiritual core. I can guide you through strengthening this area of your life.

Joyful Soul

Buy a copy of my book

You are on your way to becoming a Joyful Soul! I am so excited to be guiding you through your journey. My book, Joyful Soul: A Promise Worthy of Trust, will take you step by step through the Areas of Focus (AOFs) in your life that most people consider of high priority and value.   Joyful Soul: A Promise Worthy of Trust is available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.  Click here to buy a copy: “Joyful Soul, A Promise Worthy of Trust”.

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I Specialize In Helping People Cope With The Problems Of Daily Living. I Can Help You:

heart_bulletEnhance your spiritual core
heart_bulletImprove your intimate relationship
heart_bulletEnrich relationships with family, friends, & co-workers
heart_bulletStrengthen your emotional well-being


heart_bulletBegin to live a healthy lifestyle
heart_bulletFind a career that is the best fit for you

heart_bulletGet organized
heart_bulletDe-stress and relax

Success Stories

Dr. Mattera has shown the ability to maintain balance and integrity. She takes her many different responsibilities seriously and shows a persistence to achieve in all aspects of her life. She is intuitive, sensitive and has a great sense of humor. These qualities all add value when working with others, whether colleagues or clients. She is dedicated to performing excellent work and holds high standards for herself and others. Dr. Mattera has demonstrated the capacity to communicate effectively with many clients over the years. She has conducted educational workshops for educators and high school guidance personnel and was always rated as outstanding. Dr. Mattera is a multitalented professional who would be an asset to any organization. She has successfully integrated a lifetime of experiences and education into wisdom in working with others
From A Colleague