Telephone Coaching With Dr. Mattera

$350.00 $249.00


This special coaching package gives you one 45-50 minute telephone consultation with Dr. Mattera for only $249 (a $350 value).

Dr. Mattera specializes in helping people cope with the problems of daily living, so they can find contentment and peace in life. She can help you:

  • Enhance your spiritual core
  • Improve your intimate relationship
  • Enrich your relationship with family, friends, and co-workers
  • Strengthen your emotional well-being
  • Begin to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Find a career that is the best fit for you
  • Get organized
  • De-stress and relax

At the end of your initial session with Dr. Mattera, you will have a plan of specific things that you will start doing immediately to Bring Joy and Balance to your life now.

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