Your Joy is not negotiable

We’ve all had bad days.  Sometimes a lot of them in a row!  Everything goes wrong.  Nobody understands.  You’re running late, you can’t fit in everything you want to do today, you can’t find that perfect job, your friends and family don’t understand you (or they unintentionally make your day worse) and you just don’t feel very joyful.  This is the time you need to stop everything, and center yourself.  If you keep in mind that you will not give up your joy for anything or anyone, you will be taking care of yourself.  Distance  yourself from others if that is what it takes.  Or take a few minutes to yourself.  But don’t give up your joy.  For anyone.  For anything. Ever.  It’s not theirs to take.  It’s not negotiable.  What a happy way to live!  And guess what?  It’s contagious….