Prayer and Meditation

From Chapter Two of Joyful Soul: A Promise Worthy of Trust (Copyright 2013 by Laurie Mattera)

We live in a busy and hectic world.  I don’t know about you, but many times I get to the end of my day thinking, “I had planned to accomplish so much more today, if only I had more than twenty-four hours in a day!”  And no matter how much I plan and organize and motivate myself, there is always more to do.   As a result, I was often under the impression that to take 20 minutes out of my day in the morning and another 20 minutes later in the day for prayer and meditation was not possible.  Worse, I sometimes believed it was a waste of my time, which is already a priceless commodity to me.  And so I soldiered on, depleting myself and continuing to run non-stop on what I can only liken to a hamster wheel.  I had an intuitive sense of needing to stop for a while each day and recharge.  I always had God on my mind, praying to Him for guidance but splitting my attention between my tasks at hand and longing to connect with God.  Occasionally, I would set time aside to pray and meditate on my best course of action for the day.  Those times always left me feeling peaceful and recharged.  Even though I did not get specific answers all the time to my dilemma of the moment, I emerged stronger and refreshed, at peace, and knowing an answer would come.  Continue reading “Prayer and Meditation”

How do you choose a career path?

Hello Joyful Souls!  One of the things I can tell you for sure from my years of career consulting, is that you need to find a good “fit” for yourself when contemplating a career path or career to study while in college or trade school.  You will want to take time to reflect on your values, interests, personality traits and talents.  Where do these four overlap?  If you can find a profession that offers you a bit of each one that fits for you, you will most likely be very happy in your career choice.  Keep in mind though that at times, interests can override talents (this will mean you will have to plug along a bit more to keep up with colleagues) and values change over the lifespan.  The most important aspect of all of this is to make an informed choice, rather than go willy-nilly into a big decision such as this.  Another key point to contemplate is what are the daily functions of the job?  Will it be a good fit for you in that respect?  I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts on this topic.  And please, feel free to set an appointment with me if you would like help in figuring out the best path for you!  Be Joyful ~ Laurie

Today’s AOF: Your relationship!

Hello Joyful Souls!  Today let’s focus on your relationship with your intimate partner.  This is taken from Chapter Five of my book, “Joyful Soul: A Promise Worthy of Trust”:

You don’t even have to agree to do it together or talk about it…just start loving your partner and believing they love you, trusting your partner and being trustworthy, respecting your partner and expecting respect, and fostering the friendship between you.  Watch Joyful miracles happen.
~Dr. Laurie Mattera