Will it matter in 100 years?

Whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed, and the fear of forging ahead gets the best of me, I ask myself this question: Will what I’m worried about matter in 100 years? This question has a calming effect on me, as I realize I’m only harming myself by putting such stress on my body.  After all, if plan A doesn’t work, there is always plan B, right?  What are some of the things you are stressing about right now, and can you change or control them?  If so, go for it!  If not, take comfort in knowing that you are doing what is in your power, and that which is not in your power is out of your hands.  Turn whatever it is over to a higher power.  Be Joyful!joyfulsoullogo

4 thoughts on “Will it matter in 100 years?”

  1. The answer to that is usually no. There is not much that I do that may really matter in 100years. There are somethings that will matter in less time. I often think in different increments of time when I ask myself the big “does this matter?” question. Some things will matter next week and often that helps me to schedule myself time without there having to be stress. And if the answer to that is still no, it won’t actually matter – I can really easily let it go. Its a great question to ask yourself in busy moments.

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